One Book July 2016 planner setup

Here I am doing something I’ve been meaning to do for a few years – a planner post. And even including (*gasp*) a video!

Yes, I’m coming out, to those who don’t know it yet, as a planner nerd. I have quite a large collection of ring bound planners and travelers notebooks – I collect them like some girls collect shoes.

You can view the video I made or, alternatively, I’ve provided text and photos below if you don’t wish to watch the video.

On a sudden whim, I’m undertaking the One Book July 2016 challenge. That is, to use ONLY one planner for the entire month. And only one pen.

One Book July was started a few years back by Carie Harling, who is my absolute favourite planning youtuber and Rhomany of Romany’s Realm, another favourite. I can’t get enough of their planning goodness and they constantly inspire me.

Why is One Book July a challenge for me? Usually I have an A5 kikki.K ring bound planner I keep at home, an A6 Hobonichi that is my every day carry and wallet, and a beautiful tri-fold travelers notebook cover made by an Australian artisan.

As for pens, I’m a colour-coder. I colour-code because I’m a visual person. so dealing with one pen only is a challenge for me when it comes to planning. Granted, my ‘one pen’  is a Lamy Safari fountain pen, which I adore, so I’m not complaining much.

One Book to Rule Them All – July planner

So … for One Book July, I have chosen as my ‘One Book to Rule Them All’ my brand new Paperflower Design Studio (from Western Australia) purchase.

Middle Earth Map travelers notebook planner by Paperflower Design Studio.
Middle Earth Map travelers notebook by Paperflower Design Studio.

I’ve been a rabid Lord of the Rings fan since I first read it at age 13 (many decades ago now), and had to have this when I saw it. A unique feature of this design is the spine, which Glenda has made to look like a beautiful old leather book.

planner spine

The inside front of the planner has two full length pockets. Inside I have a Midori card holder, a folder from, and four notebooks.

planner and folder

The first notebook is a monthly planner made of downloadable inserts from Marsia Bramucci. The second is a Midori notebook I am using as a daily bullet journal. The third is the bullet journal that I usually keep in my work TN for my daily to-do’s, made by Bookbinders with the divine Tomoe River paper, and the last is my A-Z filing system, for passwords and other things.

planner pages

The back of the cover has one full length pocket plus a small secretarial pocket.

The cover comes with two bookmarks with charms.

This is a very pared down system compared to what I usually use. There are no weekly planning pages – I do like to see a week at a glance. And the bullet journal makes it very unstructured. I have not moved any of my lists over to the ‘one book’, apart from some books I want to read (in case I happen to be at a library), and some wines I like.

Whether I can stick with this for an entire month remains to be seen, but I’ll give it a good ol’ try.


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