Don’t google your name.

Don’t google your name.  Ever.

Don’t “search” for yourself

on anything that glows in the dark.

Don’t let your beauty

be something anyone can turn off.

Don’t edit your ugly out of your bio.

Let your light come from the fire.

Let your pain be the spark,

but not the timber.

Remember, you didn’t come here

to write your heart out.

You came to write it in.

by Andrea Gibson

Sometimes, a lot of the time, there is no need to write when somebody says it so eloquently for you (that’s my excuse for this particular laziness, anyway). Not that I wanted to say this, but that it is a ‘hell YEAH’ reminder to stand up straight, lift your chin in, and live your life in defiance of those that would turn your beauty off.


2 thoughts on “Don’t google your name.

  1. Why thank you! What a lovely thing to say! And hi back at you. I feel honour-bound to tell you, though, that any tiny visual snippets of my personal self are not terribly current. The passing of time and age has taken it’s toll. But nevertheless, you put a little extra spark in the day for me. Ta for that 🙂

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